The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuring a Woman

The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuring a Woman

2010-07-26 | ASIN: B00413QN7Q | ISBN: 0984322132 | PDF | 82 Pages | 1.57 MB

What you have before your eyes is a master class in the art of cunnilingus and how to pleasure a woman.As with any art form, the underlying principles need to be understood before the real enjoyment can begin. Unfortunately, many men do not learn the true principles of cunnilingus or how to pleasure a woman at the outset and so, even with the best of intentions, their form is without substance.If we were to compare cunnilingus to another art--the martial arts--it would be tai chi rather than kung fu. The literal translation of tai chi is supreme ultimate, whereas kung fu translates as skilled achievement. Over the years, and especially in Western culture, kung fu has come to mean a style of rapid punches, sharp kicks, and chopping blows. If you watch a lot of porn (and a lot of people do these days), you would think that pleasuring a woman relies on a "kung fu" approach to cunnilingus.Tai chi, on the other hand, is slow, focused, and graceful, with an emphasis on the balance of yin/yang--male/female energy--to create a harmony of movement and strength. The unique approach to pleasuring a woman detailed in this guide involves many of the same principles as tai chi: stillness within movement, balance and pressure, resistance, and key postures. We call this approach the Mount Method.Oral sex, done properly, will give both your partner and you exquisite pleasure. But it also requires a sense of control that will enable the giver to stimulate a woman as she is moving and responding, often vigorously, to the pleasure. With this guide, you will learn techniques such as the V-Press, Maxilla Press and others for controlling movements, providing uninterrupted stimulation with the Mount Method, and providing non-stop pleasure for the ultimate orgasm. The techniques and level of detail in this guide sets it apart, and it is perfect for readers who want a no non-sense approach that won't leave you guessing and will show you how to satisfy your woman like never before.


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